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Non-Surgical Skin Cancer Treatment

There are non-surgical treatment options for Basal Cell and Squamous Cell skin cancers! Superficial Radiotherapy or SRT is not like the radiation used to treat other cancers. The SRT Technology and the SRT-100™ Treatment System are specifically designed to treat Skin Cancer! Unlike the other more powerful radiation devices used for treating other cancers, SRT is designed to only penetrate up to 5mm below the surface of your skin. It preserves the surrounding healthy tissue while effectively treating the malignant skin cancer cells. It’s made for skin cancer treatment!

Superficial Radiotherapy (SRT) is a proven non-surgical choice that you have and it is available at many fine Dermatology and Radiation Oncology practices close to you!

Find the answers to your questions about superficial radiotherapy and how it may help you. Learn more about a non-surgical treatment option offered by dermatologists and oncologists around the world – the SRT-100™.

Understanding the facts and science behind superficial radiotherapy (SRT) will help you and your physician to select the treatment path that will make the most sense to you and your specific condition. Here you will also learn what to expect during treatment, what it entails, and how superficial radiotherapy with the SRT-100™ helped many other non-melanoma skin cancer patients around the world.

You can treat your non-melanoma skin cancer with the SRT-100™ and benefit from its unique attributes:

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     •     Safe & Effective

     •     Same results as surgery without the pain

     •     Short treatment sessions

     •     No pain / no cutting

     •     No scarring / no stitching

     •     No anesthesia required

     •     No down time – you can still shower, play golf, tennis etc.

     •     No post reconstructive surgery required

     •     High cure rates


          Mid Treatment                              1 Month Post Treatment

          Mid Treatment                              3 Month Post Treatment