Supinder Tiwana, FNP

I am a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). I graduated from Samuel-Merritt University with a master’s degree in Science & Nursing, Nurse Practitioner, and Public Health Nursing. During my studies, I worked as an Aesthetics RN at a medical spa where I administered procedures involving laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, peels, and micro dermabrasion. I joined the Balfour Dermatology Team in 2016.

My interest in dermatology began in high school when I did a senior project on acne. I was fascinated by how severe the disease could be and how effectively it could be treated. A few years later the issue became personal because I developed a severe case of acne myself. Added to that was the fact that my brother suffered from psoriasis and my sister from melasma.

My personal contacts with skin conditions made me realize that becoming a skin-care clinician would give me the opportunity of offering genuine concern for people while administering procedures to address their skin problems. I would be able to empathize with the struggles they were going through and the emotions they were experiencing.

My position at Balfour Dermatology is like a dream come true. The work is always worthwhile. I particularly enjoy treating the skin conditions similar to the ones that we had in my own family enabling me to offer my patients a sense of empathy arising from my own experience.

My leisure time is limited but I enjoy spending a few hours with my five nieces and nephews and like watching Niners football. I stay active. I enjoy gardening. I am a member of CrossFit and recently took a year of dance lessons. I enjoy dancing in general and Bollywood dancing in particular.

Just recently, Supinder Tiwana received an award at the 2017 American Dermoscopy Meeting in Washington for being the "Last Man Standing" out of over 150 top Dermatologists in the U.S. for visually identifying various Skin Cancers under the Dermascope.