Bethany Collins, Treatment Coordinator

My two roles at Balfour Dermatology are Cosmetic Treatment Coordinator and Dr. Beer’s Body Contouring Expert. This is more than a mere job for me because I have a genuine passion for improving the lives of my patients and am dedicated to helping them achieve their aesthetic goals.

I grew up in the East Bay and am a mom of three children. There were complications and issues with the pregnancy and birth of our first child Isaiah. He spent a lot of time in the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). My prolonged exposure to the medical community sparked my interest in pursuing a career in medicine, so following my maternity leave I went back to school. In 2012 I received my Medical Assistant certification and began working at Balfour Dermatology the next year.

Part of the success I enjoy in my position comes from my heart-felt support for Dr. Beer’s core values of ensuring that all patients’ questions are answered and that their expectations are met or exceeded at every point, beginning with their first visit and continuing until treatment is completed. I’m dedicated to improving my patients’ skin problems from head to toe. My greatest payback comes from seeing my patients’ quality-of-life improve through the positive impact on their attitude, bearing, and self-confidence that result from the transformations we are able to make in their appearance.

In my spare time I enjoy utilizing my creativity and certification in interior decorating. I have done a number of decorating projects for both residential and commercial spaces. I enjoy using my training and experience to enhance our office, including marketing displays and furnishings.