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BLU-U® Blue Light Photodynamic Therapy

An Innovative Way to Control Moderate Acne

Acne affects people of all ages and is not exclusive to teenagers.

The BLU-U is a unique blue light that destroys the root cause of acne by killing the P.acnes bacteria - giving you clearer skin. Treatments are simple and consist of sitting in front of the blue light for about 16 minutes, one to two sessions per week. Treatments can continue for up to five weeks depending upon the severity of your acne. This non-medication light therapy is safe and will not hurt.

You can ask your provider if your case of acne is right for BLU-U blue light treatment. If you are struggling to control your acne and are looking for an alternative to medications or antibiotics, it might be just what you need.

Exposure to our medical grade Blue light can help diminish acne bacteria. This procedure can be done either as an add-on to a specialty peel or a stand alone treatment.   

The best way to know which procedure or combination of treatments is right for you is to have a complimentary appointment with our treatment coordinator or discussing it with your provider at your next medical visit.

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