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DermaLight Laser works by killing the propionibacterium acnes, also known as “P. Acne” bacteria, helps to melt sebum and clear clogged pores all while reducing overall redness, erythema and inflammation in the affected areas. DermaLight laser also plays a central role in the treatment of acne scarring. 

Patients will require a series of 3 treatments completed every 2 weeks, and then once monthly treatments ongoing for optimal long term clearance. 

In combination with your prescription medications, adding in the DermaLight Laser procedure consistently will help you achieve faster, more optimal results all with no added discomfort, downtime or recovery. Often with continued Laser therapy, we see patients being able to reduce their oral acne medications and continue topicals and laser treatment for maintenance. 

In a recent study of patients being treated with the Dermalight laser, a significant reduction in acne severity was achieved after only 4 weeks, with 60% to 70% clearance after completing six treatments. 

The best news is, this procedure is covered by most medical insurances, and is a quick 10 minute appointment! 

Ask your provider at your next visit or schedule an appointment to find out if DermaLight Laser is right for you! 

DermaLight Laser Treatment 

Dermalight Laser Procedure Treats mild to moderate Acne and Rosacea.